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Here at Urban Leadership Academy, you will get the quality education you need to be an awesome servant of God.


ULA is known for rigorous academic training. But we never view academic study as an intellectual exercise for its own sake.


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For many years, we have seen the need to offer an invigorating and academically challenging certificate program to lay leaders and ministers of the local urban church. There are issues that urban church leaders face that are seldom addressed in theological education. The Urban Leadership Academy seeks to bring these issues to the classroom, offering models of ministry that are working and forging partnerships that will sustain urban ministry in the 21st century.

Spring Quarter 2024

The Journey

The education journey on which you are embarking is indeed an important one that invites you to engage in the study of Bible, Theology, Church History, and the basic principles of Church Leadership. Its curriculum is further designed to integrate your studies with a focus on the issues and challenges of the local urban church. Trusting that you have heard God’s call to further your opportunities in ministry, whether you are currently serving as a teacher in the Christian Education ministry, or a deacon or elder; or you are faithfully considering the path of ordination within your local church, The Urban Leadership Academy offers a curriculum that is designed to equip you. After successful completion of this two-year (lay people) and three-year (minister/pastoral) program of study a certificate will be awarded recognizing the fulfillment of the requirements.